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1. How can I invest in a company?

First you need to:
Register on the site;
Fill up the balance in the Personal Account using one of the payment systems;
Create one or more deposits for any period, taking into account the desired yield.
After your deposit earns, you can withdraw the accumulated funds.

2. Is registration required on the company's website?
If you intend to cooperate with us and make a profit, yes, registration of your own personal account is necessary.

3. What payment systems can I replenish the balance?
The balance in your account can be replenished using such payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum,Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash

4. How much can I open deposits?
Any investor company can create an unlimited number of deposits.

5. What are the restrictions on deposits when opening?
The minimum deposit amount is $17.00. There is no maximum deposit amount.

6. If I deposit in a cryptocurrency, will my investment be converted into USD?
Not. If you invest using cryptocurrency, your funds will not be converted into any other currency. Thus, if you, for example, invested in BTC, then you will receive all accruals of profit only in BTC.

7. How long will the system take to process my payment request?
Payment to the wallet occurs within 48 hours after the application has been verified by the security service.

8. What is the minimum amount that can be correctly specified in the request for payment of funds?
For the system to correctly recognize your request for payment of funds, the minimum amount should not be less than $ 1.

9. What fees are charged by the company for servicing or paying cash?
We do not charge any customer fees or any other hidden fees.

10. How to recover a password for access to a personal account?
To recover the password for access to your personal account, use the "Password recovery form" located on the site.

11. Can I change my billing information or mail after registering a personal account?
All of the above actions are not provided for self-fulfillment. Contact the company support.


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